Chuck Taylor
Icon. Centurion.
Virgil Abloh reimagines the Chuck Taylor All Star 70.

  • Converse obo. Nike x Off-White™ c/o Virgil Abloh
  • White Canvas Upper
  • Chuck Taylor Logo Embellished on Medial Ankle Patch
  • Off-White™ Branding on the Medial Sidewall
  • Monochrome Diagonal Stripe Midsole
  • Orange Outsole
  • Orange Zip Tie



  • Converse obo. Nike x Off-White™ c/o Virgil Abloh

  • White
  • Product Code:

  • 163862C
  • Launched on:

  • 08-10-2018 (Global)
  • Silhouette Explored

    Known for its sleek, modest shape. The Chuck Taylor All Star utilises a canvas upper and a relatively thick vulcanised rubber midsole, the brown outsole is finished with a diamond like motif, to complete the silhouette the Converse All Star logo is embellished on the upper medial sidewall.

    The 10 RE-ISSUES: Chuck Taylor All Star 70. For the second iteration of the Chuck Taylor, Virgil applies diminutive changes to the newer All Star 70 model. This silhouette makes clear reference to Virgil Abloh's background in architecture, with the midsole featuring monochrome diagonal stripes that have become synonymous with the Virgil Abloh™ brand. There's a distinct absence of Helvetica text across this version of the Chuck Taylor, however, Off-White branding does appear on the medial sidewall. A dash of colour is provided to the homogenous silhouette through an orange outsole and an orange zip-tie that replaces the red version that characterised the first iteration. The 2013 edition All Star features heavier cotton canvas, and improved foam cushioning in the insole for elevated cushioning, highlighting Converse's roots in performance mechanics.

    Available in 1 colour: White. To explore The 10: Chuck Taylor All Star 70 visit the Shoe Shelf or to purchase The Ten: Chuck Taylor All Star 70, click here.

    Silhouette Explored — History

    Chuck Taylor 70. The definitive original basketball sneaker. The Chuck Taylor is a silhouette with over a century worth of history, of which can be traced back to the 19th century and the growth of manufacturing industries (industrialisation) in the US; Charles Goodyear famously accidentally discovered the process of rubber vulcanisation which transformed tooling for shoes. Converse was formed in 1908 by Marquis Mills, and they developed the No-Skid, which was later renamed to the All Star for basketball. The shoe became 'endorsed' and championed by Chuck Taylor of the Akron Firestones and his name was adorned on the shoes ankle patch on the sidewall as a celebration of his work for the brand. Converse and the All Star continued to dominate the sneaker market until the late 60s and early 70s, before Nike and Adidas started to make inroads into the basketball market. Once sneaker technology evolved with the introduction of the Herringbone sole, Air technology and the shell-toed Superstar, the Chuck Taylor's role as a basketball sneaker was finished but its place in the annals of sneaker history are very much secured. Like the Nike Blazer, the Chuck Taylor has transcended its original purpose and function and gone onto become one of footwear's staple silhouettes. Whether you're into sneakers or not, its extremely likely at some point in your life you've owned a pair of Chuck Taylors. The shoe has become a favourite for skaters and casual wearers due to design that focuses on simplicity and construction that enables everyday wear and relative comfort.

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  • Dick Raphael. Pictured: Wilt Chamberlain (SF Warriors) vs the Celtics at the Garden - 1964
  • North Carolina State University - Wikimedia Commons. Pictured: Chuck Taylor
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