New Speed. ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Virgil Abloh reimagines the ZoomFly.

  • Nike x Off-White™ c/o Virgil Abloh
  • Stitch Detail Swoosh
  • Translucent Nylon Foam Upper
  • Carbon Plate for Support
  • Orange Tab Accents
  • Lunarlon Midsole
  • "FOAM" in Helvetica on Midsole
  • Red Zip-Tie



  • Nike x Off-White™ c/o Virgil Abloh

  • White
  • Product Code:

  • AJ4588-100
  • Launched on:

  • 01-11-2017 (Global)
  • Silhouette Explored

    The 10: ZoomFly. Part of the 5 "GHOSTING" silhouettes. One of the new silhouettes, Nike gave Virgil Abloh access to, he follows his reductive design principles to a tee. The large Swoosh that curves around the toebox of the Zoom Fly is replaced by a smaller version, which is embellished on the sidewall, with stitch detailing. The translucent stretch upper remains, with the waved embroidery of the original removed, giving the silhouette an extremely clean and simple finish. The midsole comes in a cream white, with Virgil making his ironic reference to the midsole material towards the rear through Helvetica letraset, "FOAM". Black laces and the front part of the outsole provide an element of contrast, with the silhouette being finished with the signature red zip-tie and an orange tab accent below the Swoosh.

    Available in 3 colourways: White, Black and Pink. To explore The 10: ZoomFly visit the Shoe Shelf or to purchase The Ten: ZoomFly, click here.

    Silhouette Explored — History

    The ZoomFly SP is a silhouette representative of Nike's dedication to innovation, its shape reflective of structural mastery, the ZoomFly debuted in 2017 in celebration of Nike's Breaking2 marathon attempt and features a translucent stretch woven upper. Specifically designed for runners, the ZoomFly is built to help the wearer achieve another speed, with its Lunarlon and carbon fused nylon foam embedded midsole, the ZoomFly helps absorb pressure whilst simultaneously remaining featherweight light. Rubber in the rear of the midsole adds stability and strength, whilst crash pads on the outsole aim to heighten impact protection. A large Swoosh is featured from the rear toebox to the mid-section of the sidewall and the upper is complemented by embroidery in a wave pattern. The sockliner (or insole) are embellished with the original prototype sketches of the Zoom Fly. Small text details are printed across several parts of the shoe such as the tongue; which features a Swoosh pinwheel icon, a track icon and a finishing flag icon; the rear lateral heel counter features a digital clock graphic in reference to the marathon attempt.